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sea urchin studs kainoa jewelry
Sea urchin studs flat kainoa jewelry
sea urchin studs ocean inspired kainoa
sea urchin studs ocean kainoa
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Sea Urchin Studs

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Nature never ceases to amaze me - check out this perfect little sea urchin I collected on the shores of a Nova Scotia beach.  The symmetry, the texture, the colour - it gets me so inspired to add interesting texture to my designs.

These .925 sterling silver studs are created by hand stamping each little bump to replicate the texture of the sea urchin. Each stud is unique - no two are alike - just as nature intended. 

In these covid times I find stud earrings  much easier to  manage and less likely to lose when wearing a mask. So if you can’t make it to the sea this summer, bring the sea to you with these lovely little ocean inspired studs.  Available in a satin finish either flat or domed shape. 

Designed, shaped, soldered, stamped, polished and packaged by hand in my little seaside studio near Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.